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Are the Main Responsibilities for a CNC Operator?

CNC (computer numerical control) operators are members of a manufacturing team charged with the maintenance, set-up, and operation of CNC machines. As part of the manufacturing team, CNC operators also have quality control responsibilities, inspecting the products of their CNC machines to determine problems.

Looking for CNC operator jobs in Minneapolis? Learn more about the main responsibilities, desired skills, and requirements than you’ll need.

What Does a CNC Operator Do?

A CNC operator is in charge of ensuring that CNC machines manufacture quality products and tools based on client specifications. These specifications are laid out in engineering drawings. This means that translation of the drawings into dimensions is another CNC operator task.

Besides operating and setting-up CNC machines, a CNC operator must also ensure that the machine functions properly and intervenes when there’s a malfunction.

Key Responsibilities

The following are the responsibilities of a CNC operator:

  • Setting up CNC machines depending on the manufacturing tasks for which they are intended. These tasks can range from grinding to drilling. (I added periods to ends of all bullets to keep it consistent w/ the 1st bullet.)
  • Translate engineering drawings into measurements and dimensions.
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of CNC machines during the manufacturing process.
  • Regularly assess the CNC machines for any problems or areas for optimization.
  • Track CNC machine health and report any malfunctions.
  • Maintain an inventory of spare parts and components for CNC machines.
  • Inspect products and check them against agreed-upon client standards.

It is important to note that the responsibilities of a CNC operator are not the same as those of a CNC machinist. Unlike CNC operators, CNC machinists also deal with the software of CNC machines. CNC machinists program CNC machines and may also supervise CNC operators.

CNC machinists often enter the CNC industry as CNC operators. After years of training and experience on the manufacturing floor, CNC operators can become machinists.

What Skills Does a Person Need To to Be a CNC Operator?

Due to the nature of CNC operation, analytical skills are a must. More specifically, CNC operators need to possess mathematical skills as well as computer skills.

CNC operators also need to have an eye for detail as they inspect products and machines. While a diploma in engineering or any industrial trade is desirable, it isn’t a requirement.

Detail-orientedness and analytical skills will come in handy during the translation of engineering drawings into product dimensions.

Do You Want To to Be a CNC Operator? Find Your Next Opportunity

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