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How to Nail That Entry-level Construction Job Interview

Getting called up for a job interview is a sign that you’ve done enough to get your feet through the door. While it might seem like the tough part is over, there’s one more hurdle to get past — the construction job interview. This may not seem like a big deal if you’re seasoned in the industry. However, if you’re going for an entry-level construction position, then it may be your first interview.

Expect to encounter questions about your past work experience and skills. You might also encounter questions involving your ability to work as part of a team. Whatever the case may be, these tips will help you get a leg up over your competition.

Read on to learn more about the kinds of questions you might be asked at an interview, and what you can do to nail it.

Have You Worked Construction Jobs Entry Level Near Minneapolis Before?

Yes or no questions, particularly about your experience in the construction industry, help potential employers determine how steep of a learning curve new employees will have on-site.

If you lack experience, the best thing to do is to be honest but express a willingness to learn the ropes quickly.

Why Should We Hire You?

Most of the questions in a construction job interview are designed to figure out what you can bring to the table. For this reason, most if not all of your answers should include a hard skill you possess.

Hard skills are skills specific to an industry. For construction, hard skills can include carpentry skills, welding, and physical strength.

You’ll then want to back up your hard skills with your soft skills, such as your people and time management skills. Since you’ll be working as part of a team, your employer will also be looking for your abilities to communicate and resolve conflicts, just as a few examples.

What Salary Are You Looking For?

At some point, the interviewer will ask you about your expected wages. Don’t just throw out your desired salary. Rather, do some research on the average wages for construction jobs (entry-level) near Minneapolis. Make sure your response is within that range. Asking for a salary that is too high at the beginning may cause them to choose someone else, while a salary that’s too low won’t be beneficial for you.

Find Your Next Interview Today

A successful job interview requires preparation and the right opportunity. Now that you have some information to prepare with, you can look for the right opportunity in Minneapolis through Trades Hub.


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