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Apprentice and Manufacturing Ready Overview

1910 County Road B West Roseville, Minnesota

About the program

AMR Class is ideal for someone who wants to get a better job in the future but needs a diploma first.

Students study reading, writing and media literacy, with a focus on what they would need to know for a trades job- including math, safety, and communication. The lessons are tailored for people who are not native English speakers. Once they finish the class, the AMR career counselor will work with them to find a job in the trades, where they can make a living wage (often starting at $20-22 with a raise every 6 months) without college debt.

Entrance Requirements:

Participants should be over 18, able to communicate in English and read at about a 5th-6th grade level.

They should be interested in a job in the trades and able to commit to showing up to class every day.

Classes for 2020-2021 are held over Zoom, and KOM can provide laptops to students if technology is a barrier to participating in the class.

Through KOM we can support students not just academically but with information about basic needs, public programs, health insurance, and referrals to chemical health and immigration. KOM-RALC can also pay for driver’s education for students who do not have a license. KOM can also lend a limited number of laptops for the duration of the class to students who do not have technology access.

AMR is a partnership between Roseville Adult Learning Center and the Karen Organization of Minnesota. Now in its 3rd year, AMR focuses on preparing students for a registered apprenticeship in the trades. Our 8-month program gives people the chance to earn a high school diploma from Roseville Area Schools. This is a competency-based diploma. Participants show their knowledge through reflection writing and demonstrating ability. Components include classroom time, hands-on training where students learn basic hand and power tools, and off-site visits to union training centers and construction sites as part of career exploration. Offsite visits also include trainings such as welding and forklift. RALC and KOM also offer a condensed AMR class in the summer that is not diploma earning, but includes the same components. Students leave the class ready for jobs.

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