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Cabinet Maker
Cabinet Maker

Shaping and Joining. Lathing It on the Line.

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Cabinet Makers at a Glance

Cabinet makers build and install cabinets, desks, and other high-grade fixtures made of wood, plastic laminate, and solid surface materials. Woodworking machines and power tools are used to cut, shape, and form the products. Cabinet makers need attention to detail, math abilities for measuring and computing, and great skill with a variety of woodworking equipment.

A Day in the Life | Gunnar

Age: 23
Job: Cabinet maker
Free Time: Collecting vintage clothes and '90s hip-hop gear.
Proud of: A tough job well done. Truck purchase.

Cabinet Maker
$28,500 Starting Pay
$40,000 5-Year Pay
Importance of Technical School
Low High
Specialized Training/Advancement
Low High
Outdoor Work
Low High
Workplace Risk/Danger
Low High
Schedule Flexibility
Low High

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