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Quality Engineer Assistant
Quality Engineer Assistant

Analyzing Product. Trying to Conform.

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Quality Engineer Assistants at a Glance

Quality engineer assistants (QEA) provide statistical information for quality improvement in a manufacturing facility. QEA’s read charts and reports, analyze a variety of data, and report their findings to team members to ensure that the quality of the product is in line with customer needs. Attention to detail, analytical ability, good communication skills, and an ability to work well with others are requirements for this position.

A Day in the Life | Sara

Age: 33
Job: Quality engineer assistant
Free Time: Training bird dog, Zeus.
Proud of: Producing medical components that save lives.

Quality Engineer Assistant
$35,000 Starting Pay
$47,500 5-Year Pay
Importance of Technical School
Low High
Specialized Training/Advancement
Low High
Outdoor Work
Low High
Workplace Risk/Danger
Low High
Schedule Flexibility
Low High

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