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Receiving and Shipping. Maintaining Order.

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Warehouse Workers at a Glance

Warehouse workers are responsible for receiving, tracking, and shipping products in a warehouse. Duties can range from loading/unloading trucks to working with sophisticated inventory control systems. Products range from small parts to very large components. Warehouse workers need to be well-organized and capable of following operating and safety procedures, and enjoy working on a team.

A Day in the Life | Salina

Age: 27
Job: Warehouse supervisor
Free Time: Concerts, super hero collection, f/x makeup.
Proud of: Career she loves. Supporting children as single mom.

$32,000 Starting Pay
$44,500 5-Year Pay
Importance of Technical School
Low High
Specialized Training/Advancement
Low High
Outdoor Work
Low High
Workplace Risk/Danger
Low High
Schedule Flexibility
Low High

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