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CNC Machinist Jobs

If you are interested in a CNC machinist career, below is some information about the job duties and career opportunities of CNC machinists. You can explore job opportunities for CNC machining near Minneapolis through our Job Board.

CNC Machine Operate Jobs

CNC machine operators modify, create, and repair products through the process of material cutting and shaping. A CNC machinist guides the path of the machine, the feed rate, and cut speed by inputting the required parameters into program. The CNC machinist oversees the operation of the CNC machine, providing it with blueprints, machine sketches or CAD files to accomplish the required task. CNC machinists also perform maintenance on the machines to replace aged or dull components when needed.

CNC machine operator jobs are filled by machinists who have problem solving abilities and can diagnose problems and implement needed repairs. These professionals should possess a useful level of mechanical skill and the ability to operate CNC software.

Where CNC Machinists Work

CNC machinists work in machine shops, manufacturing plants, and tool rooms for a wide array of industries, such as technology, transportation, aerospace, commercial, medical, electronic, and many more.

Some CNC machine operators advance from entry level CNC machine operator jobs to careers in quality control inspection, engineering, machine tool building, programming, metrology, and more. Others pursue careers as business owners or managers.

Becoming a CNC Machinist

There are multiple paths to becoming a CNC machinist, including taking apprenticeship courses offered by employers or manufacturers, or taking courses at a technical college.

Find CNC Machinist Jobs Near Minneapolis

Check out our Job Board for CNC Machinist Job opportunities in the greater Minneapolis area and beyond.


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