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We offer some thoughts below which might help frame this decision. We also present practical guidance related to questions we would have if the roles were reversed.

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Trades Hub Leaders

Leaders videos present the stories of individuals who have built successful and fulfilling careers in trades and manufacturing. They describe the hurdles they overcame, their specific paths, and how they are using their positions to give back to help those following in their footsteps.

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"Gen Z is inquisitive, risk-averse, industrious, and pragmatic."
BridgeWorks (that's us)
"Too many families cling to the mythology that their child can be a success only if he or she has a college degree.”
Robert Reich, Former Labor Secretary under President Bill Clinton
The ratio of job offers to graduates of Dunwoody College of Technology’s two-year AAS programs is 11:1
Dunwoody College of Technology
"It regularly takes greater cognitive firepower to figure out what ails a motor or engine and then fix it than it does to perform many white-collar jobs for which a four-year degree (at minimum) is required."
Matthew Crawford, motorcycle mechanic and Ph.D. in Political Philosophy, University of Chicago
Only 22% of jobs in Minnesota require a bachelor’s degree or higher; that’s barely over one in five.
MN Department of Employment and Economic Development
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Hey There! Welcome to the new Trades Hub job board.

Did you find a career you’re interested in? If you’re not sure, check out the Careers section of the website where we currently have seventeen featured. Be sure to explore the videos for each.

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