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We are excited to introduce our new free online Trades Ambassador Experience curriculum platform for educators and students!

We have partnered with myQuest to increase the ease of use and efficacy of our Trades Ambassador Experience for both students and educators. This online platform makes the Trades Ambassador Experience curriculum more accessible (works on - computer, tablet, and phone), easier to complete for students, and allows educators to track student progress more efficiently.

Accessing the Trades Ambassador Experience is easy!

STEP 1. [FOR EDUCATORS ONLY, not students] Request your course codes for yourself or to share with your students. These codes will provide access to the courses and create a unique student grouping which allows for easy tracking of student progress through the curriculum.

[FOR STUDENTS] Get a course access code from your teacher. Go to explore.trades-hub.com.

STEP 2. Once you have navigated to the course catalog at explore.trades-hub.com - click the green “CHECK IT OUT” button to enroll in the Trades Ambassador Experience. Click the green “GET STARTED!” button to begin your journey.

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STEP 3. On the Sign Up page, enter your name, email address, and create a password. Once you have entered this information you will be prompted to enter your access code. Once you have entered this information, click the green words “START MY TRADES AMBASSADOR EXPERIENCE.”

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Now you’re in! Congratulations! You’ve successfully signed up for the online Trades Ambassador Experience curriculum. Time to explore!*

Now you’re set up with the Trades Ambassador Experience and myQuest!

“Loving the new online curriculum! It’s so easy to use! My students can access it using their phone, tablet, or computer.”

Please email the Trades Ambassador Team at tradeshub@generations.com with any questions you have.

*If you are an educator using the TAE in your class and wish to sign up as a Team Mentor to monitor your students’ progress, please email the Trades Ambassador team at tradeshub@generations.com.

The Trades Hub website and related Trades Ambassador Experience resources are not intended for use by children under 13 years of age. Here is a link to our Privacy Page.

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