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The time is NOW for a career in Solar Energy!

  • The price of solar energy is now less expensive than nearly all other technologies, including coal and natural gas.
  • Legislation is in place to ensure the move from a fossil fuel energy economy to one of renewable energy.
  • We presently are only generating 1% of our electricity from solar energy. That leaves room for decades of great careers in the industry.

Solar Assessor Certificate

We are offering a 16-credit, fully online Solar Assessor certificate, which will enable you to become a Solar Energy Assessor or Installer. It is possible to complete this certificate in one semester or approximately 4 months. The certificate is available in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Here are just a few of the major topics that the certificate covers:

  • Solar modules and solar equipment
  • Software and apps
  • OSHA 10 safety card and NEC code requirements
  • Solar system design
  • Drone applications in the industry
  • Energy storage and monitoring systems

Students enrolled in Century College's solar program will:

  • Implement clean energy technologies that make a difference on the environment and promote social responsibility
  • Participate on a team of technicians who design, install, and verify performance of solar systems
  • Belong to a green and sustainable industry that uses modern engineering tools and techniques to power the world

Check out the program video.

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