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We at the Trades Hub and Trades Ambassador Project are thrilled to introduce our new online Trades Ambassador Experience curriculum for teachers and students!

Throughout the past year, educators and students proclaimed the value of the Trades Ambassador Experience as an indispensable resource to showcase Trades & Manufacturing careers in their classroom. Based on their input we partnered with myQuest, an online learning platform, to improve the experience for both the students and educators, making the Trades Ambassador Experience more accessible to students from any device and allowing for educators to monitor the progress of their students.

Like all Trades Hub resources, online access to the Trades Ambassador Experience is FREE to Minnesota high schools and fully ready to be utilized by educators and students. Improvements to the Trades Ambassador Experience include:

  • Links to the curriculum can be seamlessly incorporated into lesson plans and your school district’s learning management system.
  • Lessons are streamlined, quick, and easy for students to access and complete.

  • Progress monitoring reports can be accessed and downloaded by designated Trades Ambassador Champions working with students in your school/program.

  • Online format can be used on any device, including computers, tablets, and phones.

  • A new Educator Tool Kit provides additional resources to promote Trades Hub resources in your classroom and school.

  • Day-in-the-Life career videos highlight Minnesota students, attending Minnesota technical training centers, and finding employment with Minnesota companies.

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The Trades Ambassador Experience curriculum is extremely useful to all students exploring career options and the nuances of different job opportunities available in Trades & Manufacturing industries. Through the Trades Ambassador Experience, students are given access to an unrivaled library of resources and information that pertain to different Trades & Manufacturing fields, industries, and career paths.

The Trades Ambassador Experience includes three levels (see images at the end of the article):

  1. Apprentice

  2. Expert

  3. Master

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Each level contains vital career path information. As students go through the curriculum, each level becomes increasingly more specific with the information provided, including detailed information on specific careers and opportunities in Construction, Manufacturing and Vehicles. Most activities take less than 30 minutes to complete; lessons can be assigned or students can progress at their own pace.

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As students progress through the Trades Ambassador Experience and achieve apprentice, expert, and master certification status they will also be eligible to receive:

  • Certificates recognizing their accomplishments

  • Trades Hub swag and merchandise to promote their Trades Ambassador status in the community

  • A $500 grant once they start a career training program or full-time employment featured on Trades-Hub.com

As a bonus, our new online platform also includes a resume builder for students that contains a resume template and advice as they enter their new careers!

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Join the growing list of educators and students who are using the Trades Ambassador Experience to explore and begin exciting new Trades & Manufacturing careers!

To sign up for the Trades Ambassador Experience online curriculum, visit explore.trades-hub.com or read the “How to Access the Trades Ambassador Experience Online Curriculum” article for more details on how to get started.

For additional information, please visit https://trades-hub.com/contact or email us at tradeshub@generations.com.

Traditional PDF’s of the curriculum are still available upon request.

Anyone can use the Trades Ambassador Experience career exploration curriculum, but to be eligible for the $500 grant you must be currently pursuing your high school diploma or GED in Minnesota and have a TA Champion (a teacher or advisor in your school or organization working with the Trades Ambassador Project) and be a part of the Trades Ambassador Experience for at least one month prior to receiving the Level 3 Master designation.

The Trades Hub website and related Trades Ambassador Experience resources are not intended for use by children under 13 years of age. Here is a link to our Privacy Page.

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